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Welcome to the biggest and longest running Supermoto event in the US.  We bring supermoto and supermoto quad racing to the next level.

Update 1/30/2017:

  • Hotel Reservation Code is: SVSC329
  • The top 20 pro’s from last year’s event will be automatically added to this year’s Anthony Hart Memorial Race.  If your contact information has changed, please let us know. There will be 10 more free spots available.
  • Pre-Reg will be open at 6am 2/1/2017

Come be a part of the festivities at Buffalo Bills Casino
March 31-April 2, 2017.

We build a track that suits every skill level, from beginners to a kick ass pro show.  The purse for the Anthony Hart Memorial Pro class should be north of $20,0000 again this year.


Tom Hart a man who has dedicated his time and money into motocross, FMX and Supermoto has had a passion for two wheels his whole life.

In a tragic accident and one that will never be forgotten in the Supermoto community, Tom’s son Anthony Hart lost his life racing his motorcycle in a national supermoto event. The family was devastated.
Some people wouldn’t blame him for not wanting to be involved in racing ever again, but Tom knew how much his son loved the sport.

Tom has come forward to make sure the Pros and amateurs will come and enjoy one of the largest Supermoto events in the United States.

We at Stateline Supermoto Challenge wanted to do whatever we could to keep Anthony’s memory alive. For the last four years we have renamed the Pro class the Anthony Hart Memorial Pro Class. WHR will keep that name as long as we have the race in Stateline. If you have a chance, say “thanks” to Pop Hart.

Biggest Annual Supermoto Event in the US!