Team Race

We will grid by sign up order by group.  Experts will be gridded in front of amatuers.
Registration for the team races will take place at the event. Don’t worry about not having a partner, as we will help get teams together at the event.

Team Race Classes:

  1. Pro / Expert
  2. Intermediate/Novice/Beginner
  3. Supermoto Quads

Race Format:

– Team Races 45 minutes each
– 35 teams limited per class
– Each team will be provided with number plates for their bikes
– 2 riders per team, one or two bikes
– Riders change every 10 minutes
– NASCAR style pit lane along front straight for rider changes
– There will be 35 pit spaces marked out and numbered to correspond with your assigned numbers for your team (teams will be numbered 1 – 35)
– 1st gear speed limit along pit lane
– $70 per team
– First come, first serve for registration at the event

Biggest Annual Supermoto Event in the US!